Marketania is a professional web development firm that offers you a website design, custom web development, website maintenance, and e-commerce solutions. Since 2007 we thrive on building and publishing websites that are up-to-date, maintained & secure while compiling to today's latest standards in web developments.

Why Choose Us?

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Reliability, Speed and Security
Because we know security is a world issue now, it is our main focus in all our work.
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Responsive Design
We make sure all your websites are cross-platforms and works on all devices.
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Strong Infrastructure
We are backed with latest technologies that would save all the work and your website information, this means your data with us are never lost.
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Mainteance & Updates
This is how we keep your investment alive and always accessible by your customers.
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24/7 Customer Support
Because we believe that urgent matter should never wait and always have someone to take of it asap.
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Year of Expeirnce
Since the day Marketania established in 2007, we thrive to help hundreds of customers to reach their business goal.

What we do


We start from a blank page!

Before starting your plan, we’ll need as much information from you as possible. The more you know, the more time and effort we will save you. We will do all the research work & sketch. We would also take a good look at your competitors’ websites. Check all the local and international competitors and learn from their content. Then our development, testing, and delivering processes start

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We Keep Your Website Up and Running

Because we believe that the process should not ends at the development and delivery, at Marketania, we will stay intouch to make sure your platform is working the way you needed it to be, we also would provide free bugs fixes and monitor your performance. Our free consultation will continue alongside your business because your success means our success.